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Since 1939, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has serviced aviation enthusiasts like you with the support you need to pursue your passion for flight. As a member, you'll get exclusive access to a world of resources designed to make you a better, safer, happier pilot. Plus, you'll be represented by our advocates in Washington, D.C., who work tirelessly on your behalf to safeguard your right to fly.

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Stay Informed

AOPA Pilot Magazine
Discover the latest aviation products, hone your flying skills, and check out fun places to fly in the pages of our award-winning magazine.
Flight Training Magazine
Expand your knowledge and build skills with this publication, which is perfect for students, instructors, and new pilots adding a rating.
AOPA ePilot and eFlight Training
Stay up-to-date on political news, new planes, the latest avionics, and more with these e-newsletters.
Avation eBrief
Recieve this daily e-newsletter filled with up-to-the minute GA news articles gathered from around the county.
AOPA Live This Week
Watch our weekly webcast recapping the week's aviation news and feature stories.
AOPA Fly-Ins
Join thousands of aviation enthusiasts at your local airport for a day filled with fun, food, and learning.

Stay Safe

Air Safety Institute
Enjoy an array of interactive online courses, safety quizzes, webinars, and seminars to help improve your air safety.


Fly Smart

AOPA Pilot Information Center
Use our toll-free-helpline to speak with experienced pilots and CFIs for answers to your aviation questions.
  Flight Planning Tools
Improve your flight planning with AOPA's flight planner, aviaiton weather, AOPA Airports, Online Diectory, and TFR alert tools.

Keep Flying

AOPA Advocacy
Let AOPA fight to ensure that your right to fly and the interests of general aviation are promoted and safeguarded for years to come.

Save Money

AOPA Aviation Finance Company
Get Access to over a dozen lenders who can offer you the rate and terms you need, whether you're purchasing an aircraft, upgrading avionics, or refinancing a current loan.
  AOPA Insurance Services
Let our insurance services staff give you access to multiple A-rated carriers, wheather you're an aircraft owner, renter, CFI, flying club, or aviation business.
  AOPA Pilot Protection Services
Protect your pilot and medical certficates should you ever face FAA action of investigation with this valuable, yet inexpensive, service.

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